Application and Acceptance

International student admissions for Associate and Bachelor Degrees are to be accepted for evaluation by the Admission Committee for International Students.

Please complete the online application form at in Turkish or English and upload the following documents.

1-High School Diploma: Original High School Certificate and An Attested copy of its Turkish translation.
2- Transcript of Records: Original transcript of records sealed and approved by the directorate of the applicant’s High School displaying all the courses taken at high school. This document should be submitted in a sealed envelope. If this document is not in Turkish, an attested copy of its Turkish translation should also be submitted.
3- Exam Result Slip: An original or attested copy of the Exam Result Slip of one of the above-mentioned examinations showing that the applicant meets the minimum score requirements.
4- Passport: The page indicating the personal knowledge
5- Attested copy of the Blue Card (If you have)
6- Photos: 1 photo drawn over the last six months, from the front, so easy to recognize candidates

All applications will be accepted and evaluated on condition that the applicant is either in the final year of his/her secondary education or has completed it;

those who are foreign nationals, 

Those who were born as Turkish citizens but later were permitted by theMinistry of the Interior of Turkey to leaveTurkish citizenship, including their underage children who are registered in the document of leavingTurkish citizenship and who can certificate that they have the document regarding the Exercise of Given Rights, pursuant to theTurkish Nationality Law, (The 7th article of the Turkish Nationality Law numbered 5901 prescribes that “(1) an infantbornfrom the marriage of a mother or a father having Turkish citizenship inside or outside Turkey is a Turkish citizen”; applicants who would like to apply for the quotas of foreign admission should further review the Turkish Nationality Law.)

Those who used to have a foreign citizenship but later have acquired Turkishcitizenship/those who have a dual citizenship under these circumstances

1-Those who have Turkish citizenship and have completed the last three years of their secondary education in a foreign country except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (NCTR) (including the applicants who completed their secondary education in Turkish schools in a foreign country except NCTR) before 01/02/2013, 2- Those who started and completed their secondary education in a foreign country except Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (NCTR) after 01/02/2013 (including the applicants who completed their their secondary education in Turkish schools in a foreign country except NCTR),

Those who have NCTR citizenship, reside in NCTR, have completed secondary education in NCTR and have obtained GCE AL degrees (The General Certificate of Education – Advanced Level), and those who have or will have GCE AL degree after registering and getting education in the colleges or high schools in other countries between 2005 and 2010.


Applicants can make at most 4 program choices from among those given in this guide.

In the placement applicants, the results of RTEÜYÖS have the priority. In case of any vacant quota after the placement process, the results of YÖS from state universities in Turkey and scores from secondary education shall be taken into consideration respectively.

Submitting any national or international exam result to be assessed shall be the choice of the applicant.

Only one (1) of the options must be marked to be used as the exam score during the application process.


   a) RTEÜYÖS Score
   b) RTEÜYÖS Score (70%) + the score taken from the national exam in the applicant’s country * (30%)
   c) RTEÜYÖS Score (50%) + the score taken from International Exam (50%)
   d) RTEÜYÖS Score (60%) + the score taken from international student exam held in any state university of Turkey (40%)

2- Exams apart from RTEÜYÖS to be used in this application (Applicants who do not enter or fail the RTEÜYÖS exam can apply the programs by using the exam results specified in the directive. In case of vacant quota, exam results apart from RTEÜYÖS exam will be taken into consideration.)

Applicants shall be placed in only one program according to their scores and order of their choices. A list of alternative applicants will be prepared in the same manner.

The University is free to admit as many students as stated in the quota or less.

Meeting the Application Requirements does not mean getting admission.

Applications of those who do not meet the requirements for application are not evaluated.