Our Office

The main objective of the Office is establishing the necessary infrastructure for pleasant and successful education life for international students. In order to reach that goal, the Office provides all useful and necessary information to all international students from registration to graduation, guidance to all administrative procedures related to both university and governmental institutions and organize social and cultural activities for easy orientation.

  • Guide all applicants about all aspects of applications including deadlines via web page.
  • Guide all international students at  registration process.
  • Prepares booklets and brochures that contain useful tips for students.
  • Organizes orientation program for international students. Informs them about university and campuses, accommodation and health services.
  • Guide students during the registration for ‘Residence Permit’ at Department of Migration Management.
  • Ensures of appointment an academic representative who responsible for international students in every faculty in order to help the student in their academic problems.
  • Organizes events like music festivals, tea-meetings and such social activities on significant days such as feasts, holydays, etc.
  • Organizes cultural and social activities for international students.
  • Guide students participating Student Clubs according to their skills and interests.
  • Make announcements to inform all international students about activities, and useful tips on Office web page.
  • Give them all the information about living in Rize City and assist their orientation in Rize.

For more info and for any random question, you can directly call our office or you can mail us.


Phone: +90 464 223 6126 / 4259 (Extension Number)

Office Working Hours:

Monday to Friday – From 8:30am untill 5:00pm.

Mail: iso@erdogan.edu.tr